We share our values with whoever chooses us, supports us, cooperates with us and tastes our pasta.

We are a co-operative community, an innovative cultural project, a team where each
and every one gives a contribution, has fun, is active, creates a relationship, has a key role.
We are a unique, original and replicable example: a sustainable model.
We create a net of virtuous relationships . We push families, institutions, a scientific team, volunteers to work together.
We express richness in diversity . We build our own identity.
We are a school of autonomy, we build our freedom and independence: a future life project.
We are an opportunity and a source for our families, for society, and for institutions.
We are the ambassadors of Modenese gastronomy. We do good for our town.
We release the creative energy of our grandmothers who teach us and handle down a culture of centuries old traditions.
We give substance to the universal value of solidarity.