Under careful supervision of Professionals

The projects of the Tortellante Association for Social Promotion are followed by a clinic team, lead and supervised by Franco Nardocci, neuropsychiatrist and Past President at SINPIA (Italian Society of childhood and adolescence Neuropsychiatry). Coordinating psychologists Alessandro Rebuttini and Martina Rossetti are also part of the team.

The aim of the scientific committee is to define personalized projects for every person who refers to the Association using standardized test materials according to the Istituto Superiore della Sanità guidelines (2011) , guidelines for the promotion and improvement of the quality and suitability of the assistance in the development of pervasive developmental disorders, in particular autistic disorders (2012), the Integrated Regional Programme for the Assistance in the Territory of Autistic People (PRIA), 2016/2018 targets and Law # 134 dated August 18th, 2015 “ Regulations about diagnosis, care and habilitation of people with autistic disorders and assistance to the families