Many projects involve the Il Tortellante community, here are a few:

  • Tonight we’ll hang out” and “Tonight we’ll celebrate”: our guys go out on Saturday evenings, have a pizza or go to the movie and hang out downtown. The target is to improve their independence and help them socialize.
  • Independent weekend”: at weekends our guys move to a flat where they can experience basic autonomy like cooking, shopping, doing chores . The target is to improve their everyday independence in chores and socialize.
  • Summer and Winter holidays: at the seaside or in the mountains our guys can have a holiday, rest and have fun improving their independence and socializing.
  • Together with the activities offered by Il Tortellante, our guys can experience the job of waiters, working at events, corporate parties, dinners etc.
  • We are also organizing a sanitary project to help our guys approach sanitary activities such as going to the dentist or to a medical check-up.